domingo, 17 de abril de 2016


We had such a nice plan last night with our friends! We decided to go for a drink to Taltel, a really cool place in Madrid. The music was incredible and everything was wonderful.

This is the outfit I wore yesterday: military green pants with pre-plump pink t-shirt.

I am in love with necklace so I decided to add some color to my outfit with a turquoise one.

I wore a beige louboutin stilettos and a hand bag from Furla.

Hope you had a nice weekend



jueves, 14 de abril de 2016


Working 9-10 hours per day
Doing sports or just move your body
Call your mother
Applying you make up one more time between meetings
Drinking water
Going to the supermarket
Write a note at the fridge: I forgot to buy the broccoli !
Concentrate with the spreadsheets
Mind about health
Did I call the dentist?
Trying not to sleep while reading at nights

We all life in a real life with lots of things to do and care about. That's why I try to wear comfy working outfits as I can spend all the day in it.

This is what i am currently wearing. I took a picture of it yesterday before going to bed...

Daniel Welling watch
Pedro del Hierro black and white shoes
Michael Kors bag
H&M necklace

Zara blazer
White shirt also from Zara

Tomorrow is friday! Finally !!

Good night beauties


miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016


I can barely notice it's spring...rainy and cloudy days are so repetitive lately that i haven't even donde the spring cleaning to change my summer clothes and shoes

This is the outfit i chose to wear today... Half spring (short sleeves) / half winter (only grey and black colours)

I love grey and black. Is one of my favorites combinations above all. I like to combine it with other colors to give a little bit of light to the outfit. 

This jumper is very nice as it has crystals on the sleeves, i adore it!

The jacket is from zara, you can find it this season : )

Lots of love

Prince Chic

martes, 12 de abril de 2016


I was searching for a good definition for the word home....however, for me blogging is about to create and to learn about myself. So I stopped and....this what it comes to my mind when i think about home...

Home is the place you want to come back.
Home is the place you create, according to your needs and your own taste.
Home is a long term project, no matter how long it takes to be accomplished. Enjoy the journey.
Home is a sanctuary, it will calm you, cure you and help you to put your mind in place.
Home is the place that will inspire you.
Home is where you can find yourself time after time.
Home is the place where you find the courage.
L E T' S     C R E A T E     O U R     H O M E

Of course there is a lot to do, we are still changing things one place to another trying to put in place all the things we have found in different stores. We are lucky as Mr. Tall and i have a similar decorating taste so we are enjoying this process, which is the important thing ; )

I found this beautiful pictures in Amsterdam, in a store next to the flower market. I suggest you to go if you have the opportunity. The man at the shop is very nice, he gave us some tips that were very useful! and this is the result!

We have also bought this photographs at the Yellowkorner here in Madrid, if you like photography, you must check out this place. Here you will find limited edition art photography and I bet you will find all the pieces extremely nice. You will love it! This are from the Florian Müller collection and trust me, it was very difficult to choose only three

I leave you the link to the yellowkorner store in case you may find it interesting:

Hope you enjoy this post. Sorry for the pictures, I need to find a program for the water mark...I am absolutely horrible with computers!