domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2015


Here are some of the things I have bought or gifts I have received lately.

Let's start with my favorite thing above all.  This is one of the gifts Mr. Tall gave for my 28th birthday: a Michael Kors bag, small size and navy blue

I bought this pink silky blouse at Zara on black friday's sales. This is the only thing I bought during that day as I hadn't planned to bought anything but at the end I couldn't resit to have a look at zara's website and....this happened

I wanted to show you in detail my hispanitas boots I got last fall. They are very usefull and comfy.

It is amazing how this blazer fits, it's also from Zara, you can find it at shops now and I swear you will not regret this purchase.

I love cashemire sweates, this is from El corte Inglés, they are so soft you will think you are in a cloud while wearing it. Besides, this colour is gorgeous. It is new so I haven't even worn it yet!

Here below the ankle boots I got for my birthday, they are also from Zara. I love black ancle boots as they get on well with almost all the outfits I wear.

Finally, this white blouse is perfect or a casual day. Also from Zara, yes, guilty again, I am in love with this shop.

I hope you enjoy this post, you can find all the things at shops at this moment and maybe you can find them half price at sales if you are luky



miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015


Our new guest, an elephant with a Christmas plant inside. The elephant was in the old summer house of Mr. Tall and I felt in love with it the moment I saw it. I think it looks beautiful with the plant inside

Candle's love, this is going to be at the middle of our big cristal table. The cristal tray is from Zara home but the candles are a mix between Zara home, Ikea and Maisons du monde.


Our little Christmas Tree, qe bought it in "El corte Inglés" which is a huge mall center you can find in Spain and the balls are from Disney. More candles from Ikea and maisons du monde, I love glod + red for Christmas time

More light at home, this is from Ikea and the candle from maisons du monde

Details from our Christmas tree: this little bird is from Leroy Merlin and we have the hunt also which is lovely

I hope you like it

Lot's of love